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Oh little wildcat baby,
with your red knees with your bramble hair,
You grew up scrambling, playing torpedo games,
practicing you pounce.
Your first words – chanted “beasts, beasts, beasts!”
playing with the briar patch boys and their animals
snapping twigs in your teeth, walking on tip toes,
breaking the things that can’t grow back.

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High above the city, in the white room, with the cello playing the sounds that went right to the throat – someplace deep and aching.

I was dancing shyly, and so were you, Stranger.

We would catch each other, staring, in between twirls.
Slowly dancing, closer and smaller until I felt your breathe on my shoulder ~ a weightless eternity of anticipation – the cello vibrating out a high note that stretched that moment forever, the wind whooshed the white sheets as I felt the infinitesimal closer,

. ..until…..

And We were one thing

dancing, rolling, floating levitating,
pooling together.

Shoulder blades
Heat Lightening
Salmon Pink

I could feel your heartbeat pressing back under my palm.
When we came together the sun was hight and suddenly it was far gone and we we still lost in each other, lost in the darkness, finding all the ways our fingers could weave together, all the ways our elbows could link and our hips could roll. All the ways you could hold me off the ground, all the ways I could press you down into it. All the ways we tried to separate, and failed, and all the ways that invisible thing pulled us back together again.

My god, dancing together makes me melt melt melt. I want to dance with you, with all of you.

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When I go to see you again


I leave during the night, by train of course

I’ll take a cotton nightgown


And a raincoat


And you won’t know I’m coming

Until I’m standing on your stoop

Chewing a stick of licorice

Dripping with raindrops


And I’ll say


I need to tell you a story

Can I stay here the night or shall I come back the next day?


When you ask where I am staying,


I say

With you of course.

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I don’t always know what to say to the people who show me their wounds. The ones who peal back the bandaids on their throats and pour out words so heavy they hit the ground like dead meat. I’m not always sure what to say… but I am just so glad you told me… and thank you for that bravery. Thank you for letting the words go out of your body. 
I don’t always know what to say but I will listen. I will always listen. And I can’t think of a better use for my arms than to hug you. I can hold on as long as you can. Even if today is not the worst day, and it just get’s deeper and heavier. I will come over and bring you strawberries and wait for you to fall asleep and even then I will stay up to guard you from the nightmares. I don’t know if it get’s better. But I know you don’t have to be alone. Please, stay here with with me. Friend, stay with me. 


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I was watching his back muscles move


Trying to figure out how he was a river and a boy


in the same space




Carving canyons, scars, rainpaths 


and other crying shapes




We climbed up to the tallest cliff together


it took many days and many nights


until we reached the peak


It was the farthest we could go together


I curled my toes over the edge and felt the impossible gravity


The beautiful view,


While he ran, flew, over the edge – sparkling.




I could not follow him. 


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Last night I dreamt of a boy who wrote poetry on my back with a soft black marker.

I felt every word like electricity – I felt what each line meant.

Though I never read what he wrote because it was quickly smudged by hands and sweat.

That night we were covered in smears of his powerful words all over us.

Poetry on my elbows, words on his lips, ink sinks in.


I’ve been thinking about what super powers I

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I’ve been thinking about what super powers I want. I’ve got it down to three ~ so I guess I need a genie, rather than a magic spider.

1. The ability to see peoples feelings ~ like if everyone wore their feelings as feathers. Then I could know what people felt like, instead of what they looked like.

2. The ability to take photographs in my dreams, and have them be real and waiting for me in the the morning. Like the best Polaroid camera of all time. The dream camera.

3. I want to be able to eat the sky. Like take a spoonful of that colorful sunset, or nibble a bit of moon for a snack. And it the sun would warm me up from the inside if I was ever cold. So I would never need anything at all, so long as I was outside.



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