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There is a slowness, the seems to come with wisdom,

and you grow wiser, slower, larger.

The elephant that never forgets, with its heavy slow footsteps, the blue whale that is never lost with its great falling tail, the red wood trees that never stray, standing so straight strong and true, the big drifting clouds that know to always change, and the strong deliberate mountains that over millions of careful years of reaching upward come to rest in their most glorious state.

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Some of the most exquisite dances of my life have been the moments we hold each other – perfectly still - for hours. Feeling our bodies passing the exhale back and forth in perfect synchronized rhythm.

And my mind is clear glass quiet
And my heart is loud, leap leaping higher than the legs ever could.
And our foreheads rest solid and our nose tips sit lightly and our lungs fill each other’s empty spaces and our bellies are soft together and our hips are strong and our thighs make the slightest space for each other while our toes still say ‘closeness’.

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Feed me poetry please

Like a baby bird

Speak it directly into my mouth

to mouth

what better food than perfect words

exhaled from a body so perfect

it can keep me -

- surviving on exhales.

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I once asked a man,

“What are the good things about humanity?”

He answered with only three things. And later, amended it down to two.

It stunned me into silence that the list could be so short.

But you know, it is not that short, that was his list, and he was a real pessimistic curmudgeon of a grandpa. I could feel his heavy boots. And my, how cold and hard the world becomes when almost everything you see is bad. Yes, there is a lot to be sad about, but there are so many amazing things holding us up!

In the desert one night I thought about that question. And every time I thought of something genuinely good, I lit a tea candle. A little warm light. I was all alone in that profound darkness and quiet. But with every thought, I got a little light that would keep me warm and safe. And there were so many that came out, hundreds, they formed a protective circle around me. I surrounded myself with the good things.

It was a lot better than birthday candles – in which you snuff out a light in the hopes of receiving something. But what if every good thing, that you already have all around you lights a candle that keeps you warm and safe. All you have to do is notice it, and it is there. Holding you up.


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When he speaks
(it hits you)
you drop to the floor and begin writing the letter
to yourself
in the future -
but there is no paper,
only pen,
so you write on all your bare meadows of skin
Hope it skins in
So your future self
Will remember
When you come to swim in the ocean
In the rain
In the downpour
And you are so thirsty
So very thirsty
You are a brave light

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You feel different then everyone else. The human landscape is big and wide and rolling and many people are mountains to be climbed or meadows to frolic in, but you feel different. Like a cave or a dark still body of water, something I look at longingly, wondering, how deep does that go? I curled my toes over your edge, feeling pulled in by the mystery. Wondering if I am allowed to go inside… I know I would be gone for a very long time if I begin the exploration…

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Last night I dreamt that we were together, and everywhere we went we perfectly comfortable because we were together, because we fit like resting spoons. We went to prison and we were so snuggley safe on the concrete because you had a big sweater, with holes in the elbows, and it kept us both warm. We floated through the ocean on a bunch of reeds and we were so happy to be moving somewhere we couldn’t control. We rode a roller coaster that traveled at great terrifying speeds while we kissed very slowly and softly.

I’ve seen you in the dream world more often then the real one.

I don’t know why, you are in them more than anyone else. Maybe because it is the only way I can see you now. And even when it is a bad dream – it is always nice to see you.


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