Oh I’ve Been A Workin’ In The Woodshop

Jamie took me to Home Depot so I could buy some pine boards for arting purposes. My Mamma used to bribe me to go with her to Home Depot by buying me a tiny cactus and letting me take a bunch of paint samples. I got all nostalgic and now my pockets are filled with paint samples and I’ve got a wee cactus on my windowsill. (I hope I can at least keep my cactus alive …. I’ve been demoted from owning plants with leaves)

My art animus kindly stopped by just when I needed him most and I wood-burned this piece. I love wood-burning. It forces me to draw sloooowww and smooth when I’m normally a scratchy frantic drawer. But wood-burning gets smokey smokey and makes my hair smell like campfire.


~ by warpaintandwandering on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “Oh I’ve Been A Workin’ In The Woodshop”

  1. i forgot about the cacti! my favorite was my little poky one with a green stem and a pink puffy top.

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