Letters to Strangers and Bright Orange Balloons

The story:

            I love letters. There is something so very wonderful about stamps and envelopes and pot bellied mailmen with their unflattering navy shorts. I love letters so much in fact, that I write them to strangers. I put them in my favorite library books, leave them on park benches and stash them behind the milk cartons in the grocery store. My letters are often cryptic, or humorous, uplifting and mysterious—sometimes they are not letters at all but photographs I’ve taken or sketches I’ve drawn. Some are even treasure maps to the secret forgotten places I’ve found in my wanderings. A lot of them won’t be discovered for a long time, but one day someone will find them, and I hope they make that persons day.

Upon occasion I check up on my letters to see which ones have been discovered. About a year ago, in place of a letter I had written, I found an envelope. Inside this envelope was $200. There was no explanation – just an envelope with a smudge of mustard on the corner. 

I felt that this money I had discovered didn’t really belong to me (despite various peoples ‘karma’ arguments) and I thought it ought to make other people happy. So divided up the money into various waterproof packages and letters. Each parcel contained little artworks and musings and a bit of the money and instructions on how the stranger ought to put it use. Then I went to Party City and bought bushels of bright orange balloons. I attached the balloons to the packages and mailed them to the sky and I let the wind take each one where it was supposed to go. 

Watch the skies everyone.


~ by warpaintandwandering on March 10, 2010.

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