I got a pair of antlers from a Wild Thing. It is the best present.

I am a hundred miles from friday and a million selves greater than before. 

I found a bit of bravery in the pocket of my raincoat. I used it to ride a bus. On the bus I found a huge and hearty stranger. He told me “I had heart. And that is a rare thing.” And I have realized that he is right and nothing will ever be scary again. I used to be a rabbit-hearted girl but now I’m a jackalope. I’ve got myself a brilliant pair of antlers. Horns make you free and wild. Antlers make you fearless; which is also a sort of freedom. I’ve always been very strong, resilient too. I hardly ever find a thing called loneliness, or missing. Sometimes I wish I knew them a little better, but everyone seems to think they are terrible visitors. 

I got my antlers when I went running through the forest, chasing after a Wild Thing. Chasing things is very good for you. It is a thousand buckets better than waiting and wishing. Waiting and wishing have their benefits, certainly, but chasing is the best of all. I think a lot of people have forgotten how to chase, because the waiting mud is very sticky. 

Jonas wrote, “We are exactly who we’ve been waiting for.” on his pants. I think they are a very wise pair of pants indeed.


~ by warpaintandwandering on March 19, 2010.

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