Once I read a book about Lobsters. And from this book I learned that every animal on earth gets about 2 billion heartbeats – it is a unifying number, from dragonflies to men, that is the capacity of a heart. It is like a living rule that anything that bleeds won’t walk a step beyond 2 billion. So you can spend your heartbeats slowly like a blue whale or a giant tortoise and live to be 100 or you can beat your life fast like a humming bird and die before you see all four seasons.

So every time you kiss or scream or fall or fight you are racing a little closer to death. Those times when you are dying faster are when you are most alive.


~ by warpaintandwandering on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Heartbeats”

  1. I have a tiny dragonfly notebook in which I hide my most favourite quotes and sayings. Inside, I’ve gathered words from many people; Mother Teresa to my English teacher. However, none have touched me so deeply as your words have. You are a bright soul. Don’t ever change who you are because the world needs dreamers like you. Keep writing poems, I’ll keep filling up my notebook.

    • When I read your words my heart did that thing where it tries to leap outside my body but it hits my ribs and falls back down again – like a cricket in a jar. That’s really incredible to hear. Thanks so much for that. I often don’t know if anyone is listening at all… and sometimes, most times, it feels like I am just gathering words as well. But this reminds me how important it is to keep sharing them ❤ I would love to hear some of the things from your dragonfly notebook one day.

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