Flutter Byes ~

I was out a nappin in the grasses this morning when a Tiger Swallowtail fluttered on by. I had just cut my thumb from scrounging in the blackberry brambles and the little guy came over to check out my wound. He ended up being a real champ, that butterfly. His name was Stanley and aside from apparently liking my blood, he was quite the gentleman. I played him a song on my panflute (which I was a bit nervous about cause everyone knows butterflies have impeccable musical taste) and I asked him what the bees were hummin’ about today. “Honey.”  he said. “Oh yeah, right.”
He hung out with me til the afternoon rolled by and I read to him from my book. He even posed for some photos for me.
“Okay Stanley, a little to the left.”
“Certainly Cori.”
“Aw thanks, you’re a real prince.”


~ by warpaintandwandering on August 10, 2010.

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