I want to become better at being lonely. For it is a great skill. It is that little thing in your stomach that tells you to go find the people. It says, “Hurry hurry! Find someone with whom you can eat mashed potatoes, or link pinkies, or trace with sidewalk chalk.” That’s what loneliness means. Cause when you are living your life together with other people, your life gets bigger and bigger. Friends become exponents.

I’ve always been so very good at being alone. I’m often off chasing whims and I often forget to invite you along. And so I am rather a secret animal. People usually have to come find me, and dig me out of my thinkings. And this is not so good. When no one calls your name for long enough, you stop casting a shadow. And as Peter Pan will tell you, shadowless adventures do not count.

So, can I please have some of your loneliness? Come adventure with me and I’ll take some of it off your hands.


~ by warpaintandwandering on September 6, 2010.

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