Choo Choo

Last week I started absentmindedly whispering ‘choo choo’ under my breath. That, I decided, meant I ought to go hop on a train. And so I packed my scout pack and followed this whim down to the train station. While I was waiting in the station, I met a lovely little englishman in a wee hat and a trench coat. He had a moustache and he used words like ‘reconnoiter’ and ‘shenanigan’. I liked him very much. And from then forth I met all sorts of lovely people on the loveliest train adventure. I rode through tunnels and made many napkin friends. I heard tales of hitch hiking from a man who carried a fishing spear. I dined with a large man with tattooed knuckles who laughed largely at my stories. And I found a beautiful girl with a yellow bird on her arm. She read my fortune when I gave her a cinnamon stick.

I wish I could ride the train forever.


~ by warpaintandwandering on September 21, 2010.

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