Poetry and other Crimes

Last night:

– A stranger I talked to for two minutes told me, “I can tell you are good at school, but you are even better at life.” And then walked away.

– I listened to the accordion, the violin, and the electric piano as they tried to figure out a way to work together. They discovered the secret to co-existence was the song ‘harvesting cabbage’.

– I met a guy who shared my birthday. He told me about the hidden trouble of being such a well balanced Libra. He got it right too.

– I was given half of a stolen grapefruit.

– I discovered the man who has ‘POETRY and Other Crimes’ painted on his van in dripping white. He wears a scarf and a captains hat. He told me I ought to write my poems on walls, so that I won’t loose them anymore.


~ by warpaintandwandering on November 5, 2010.

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