Unscripted, Unreal.

On the bussiest airport day of the year we found each other. This badass gyspy girl named Ekae sat down beside me while we where waiting to board our plane. She was wearing a flowy blue skirt, so I told her how I loved flowy blue skirts, and thus began an epic relation. Like when you look into the eyes of a someone you’ve just met, and you know that you understand one another  – and you tell each other your heaviest stories. It feels like a magnet and you feel like you chose that blue skirt for a reason. By the end, our plane was landing in the night and she was about to go off to meet her father who she’d never known for all 28 years. So I told her what little I know about courage, and facing the things that turn your stomach into goo. The plane pulled into the gate, and she was crying when she told me – “I am so happy to have met you. You have the most incredible sprit, you are going to do incredible things.”  And she told me to be the brave little girl that I was inside – she told me to let go of anything that scared me and made me feel inadiciquete because I was so much bigger than that.

We both told each other what we’d learn about bravery.

She drew a red rose in my journal and we hugged goodbye- then she went off to meet her biological father and I just stood there and blinked.


~ by warpaintandwandering on January 6, 2011.

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