Jonas worries about growing up. And so do I. I wrote him a letter about it once…but I think I wrote it to you as well. So here it is, to anyone who feels too big or too small:

Growing: that a good one, do lots of that. And up: perhaps the best direction of all in which to travel. The trouble comes from adding and ‘N’ onto grow -> Grown. Bleh. Don’t do that. That’s the end.

Becoming a grown up is something that happens slowly. It is a feeling that is similar to dust. It gathers on the shoulder and the spirits of people that are sitting idle, or settling, or not being true to themselves. Boredom is the feeling of the dust settling upon you. Don’t ever be bored, there is and entire world full of a trillion fascinating things, and no one should ever feel bored. Even if you have to wait in the line at the DMV for eight hours don’t be bored. Explore wherever you are. Talk to the strangers who are also waiting. Look at things. Imagine what people would look like if they were made entirely of pasta. Most people get super dusty because they don’t pay attention. You gotta pay attention. Especially to tiny things – cause they often have the biggest secrets.

And I am positive that you can get through all of life without ever having to talk about market value or figures or neck ties if you don’t wanna. But even if you do, that doesn’t mean all is lost. There are always ways to brush yourself off, if one day you look up and notice that you’ve somehow become bored or apathetic or jaded. I know lot’s of people that own a coffee table, and they are saving for their retirement, but they don’t count as grown-ups, not even close, cause their spirits are so shiny and new and alive. And you have a diamond grade spirit, so long as you keep following your floaty feelings the you can’t get dusty. Just follow you floaty feelings, kid, that’s what makes you hum.



~ by warpaintandwandering on November 20, 2012.

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