Why I don’t like Wednesdays:

Inside my lime green pop-up tent, one cloudless blue morning, I assembled my entire penny collection. I built lines and towers occasionally topped with beads or berries. These pennies never bought anything; they just built small cities for ants to explore in wonder.  

Then, just after I had assembled a shiny copper empire, the sky erupted with sirens. Tornado sirens.  A sound so long and loud it’s both alarming and tragic at once. I imagine if all the animals in a zoo cried out in an extended howl of grief, the sound they would harmonize together would sound something like a tornado siren. It is a sound that means “Everyone get to the basement and cover your heads with your elbows!”

            So I leapt up and grabbed fistfuls of pennies in pure terror. I shoved them into all the pockets of my overalls and ran inside jingling furiously. Inside I found my Mom slowly spreading peanut butter onto a piece of toast, “What are you doing?! Hurry hurry to the basement!” I tugged at the hand holding the butter knife. “Hmm the basement? Oh because of the tornado siren. It’s not real; they just test the system on clear days at eleven o’clock on Wednesdays. It’s not real.”

I didn’t like that, that some things can’t be real just because it happens at eleven o’clock on a Wednesday (even if the something was a tornado). That doesn’t seem fair. And it ruined my penny collection.


~ by warpaintandwandering on January 31, 2013.

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