Right now I’m a desert creature. I’ve been in Santa Fe for a while… longer than I ever expected…the ground must be made of treacle or spiderwebs for it has some magic stickiness to it that pulls me back every time I try to leave. It is indeed the land of enchantment/entrapment. But I have been doing the best things: I’ve been eating green chiles and scraping my elbows on canyon walls and sleeping in teepees beside wood stoves and candles and playing lots of hide and seek with very fun folks. All my bathing in the past two weeks has been out under the stars in big baths and hot springs. I’m squeezing the sadness out of people with hugs. And I’m dancing african dances with lots of drummers and eating waffles and mangos and finding old books in little ghost towns. I’m getting driven around in a white VW van named Lucy by a magician (who does the most magical tricks I’ve ever seen) and a clown. I’m building towers out of red stones. I’m wearing paint on my face. I’m ripping holes in my jeans. My hair is a mane of tangles. My shoulders are sunburnt and my back is sore. My spirits are high and there’s luck lining my shoes. I just found a dollar on the ground. I’m just listening to my whims and saying ‘yes’ to everyone and the adventure flows out perfectly.



~ by warpaintandwandering on March 15, 2013.

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