High above the city, in the white room, with the cello playing the sounds that went right to the throat – someplace deep and aching.

I was dancing shyly, and so were you, Stranger.

We would catch each other, staring, in between twirls.
Slowly dancing, closer and smaller until I felt your breathe on my shoulder ~ a weightless eternity of anticipation – the cello vibrating out a high note that stretched that moment forever, the wind whooshed the white sheets as I felt the infinitesimal closer,

. ..until…..

And We were one thing

dancing, rolling, floating levitating,
pooling together.

Shoulder blades
Heat Lightening
Salmon Pink

I could feel your heartbeat pressing back under my palm.
When we came together the sun was hight and suddenly it was far gone and we we still lost in each other, lost in the darkness, finding all the ways our fingers could weave together, all the ways our elbows could link and our hips could roll. All the ways you could hold me off the ground, all the ways I could press you down into it. All the ways we tried to separate, and failed, and all the ways that invisible thing pulled us back together again.

My god, dancing together makes me melt melt melt. I want to dance with you, with all of you.


~ by warpaintandwandering on July 9, 2014.

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