I once asked a man,

“What are the good things about humanity?”

He answered with only three things. And later, amended it down to two.

It stunned me into silence that the list could be so short.

But you know, it is not that short, that was his list, and he was a real pessimistic curmudgeon of a grandpa. I could feel his heavy boots. And my, how cold and hard the world becomes when almost everything you see is bad. Yes, there is a lot to be sad about, but there are so many amazing things holding us up!

In the desert one night I thought about that question. And every time I thought of something genuinely good, I lit a tea candle. A little warm light. I was all alone in that profound darkness and quiet. But with every thought, I got a little light that would keep me warm and safe. And there were so many that came out, hundreds, they formed a protective circle around me. I surrounded myself with the good things.

It was a lot better than birthday candles – in which you snuff out a light in the hopes of receiving something. But what if every good thing, that you already have all around you lights a candle that keeps you warm and safe. All you have to do is notice it, and it is there. Holding you up.



~ by warpaintandwandering on November 15, 2014.

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