And there is the slow sweetness.

And here is the true love: the person who holds you.

Who loves every state

I have been trust falling for you and you catch me every day. You’ve never failed me. I’ve never doubted you.

You sew me little patches with rabbits and moons on them and you worry that it is not great enough so you sew in little silver stars. I cover your wall with post it notes of the things I like about you – and the wall needs updating as I always find more things.

And this is love. and it is steady. and it is not dramatic. and the sadness and the distance only make it stronger.

When we hug our noses and foreheads align perfectly, and when we dance we hardly move, we just breathe together, bellies back and forth. Because there couldn’t be a more beautiful dance move than being as close together as possible.

You wear my green pants and I wear your socks.

And you love every state of me, you run your fingers through my hairy legs with gentle love and you burrow your nose into my smelly armpit and inhale and inhale.


~ by warpaintandwandering on October 27, 2017.

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